Love in Bloom

Love in Bloom

A friend’s wedding is always a special occasion. So, when the friend in question asks you to design their wedding card, it makes everything even more special. This design has been made specifically to include the couple’s love for bougainvillaea and their darling cocker spaniel who could not be a part of the wedding celebrations in India due to airline …

designdimensionsLove in Bloom

In the Jungle

We have waited impatiently to share this new design and are thrilled to finally reveal it. This design is extremely special as it was made for a very dear friend’s daughter. We are overwhelmed by the enthusiasm with which it has been received. The tree of life is the central focus here and we have taken the creative liberty of …

designdimensionsIn the Jungle

Tree of Love

We recently made this Card for a very special groom who is the fiancée of a dear friend. The groom loved our Beach card with the watercolour inserts and as we had recently modified it for another client he chose the new design straight away. Here, the jacket of the card was made keeping in mind the bride’s card, which …

designdimensionsTree of Love

Kalamkari Art Inspired Invitation

This invitation is nspired by the Kalamkari art style and blended with vibrant colours to add to the festivities around weddings. It is our take on contemporary Indian art. Kalamkari artists use a bamboo or date palm stick pointed at one end with a bundle of fine hair attached to this pointed end to serve as the brush or pen. …

designdimensionsKalamkari Art Inspired Invitation

Elephant Card


designdimensionsElephant Card

The Temple card

This is one of our best invitations till date. We are extremely happy with the way the invitations turned out. This card is inspired by the Sringeri Temple in Karnataka. Initially, the client came to us for our ‘Boat of Love’ card. But within two meeting the brief changed completely. Taking on from the Boat of Love card, we were …

designdimensionsThe Temple card

Message in a Bottle Card

Bright turquoise boxes, tied up with strings! Beach wedding cards and a message in a bottle packaged in a distressed box with starfish and shell shaped chocolates.                  

designdimensionsMessage in a Bottle Card

Eternal Love

Real love is transcendental and spiritual. The relationship between Radha and Krishna is the embodiment of affection, passion and devotion. It symbolizes the highest and purest form of love, an eternal union of two souls. A strong and inseparable bond between two people that is unaffected by time, space and boundaries.

designdimensionsEternal Love

Divine Love

A perfect union of man and woman. The calm and serene beauty of the bride is the perfect complement to the power and masculinity of the groom. Together they symbolize love, fertility and the blessings of marital felicity.

designdimensionsDivine Love

Boat of Love

A panaromic view of the auspicious ghats. Each wave resonates the vows of prosperity, togetherness, righteousness, contentment, mutual love, respect, understanding and faith. As the bride and groom’s wedding sails through their big day, the serenity of water, the calm breeze of the Ganga, the beautiful lotuses and the euphoric tunes magnify their union of love. The boat of love …

designdimensionsBoat of Love