Tim Tim Taare by Bal bol

Tim Tim Taare is an attempt at making the Hindi language fun for kids to learn. A music CD full of popular english songs & rhymes sung in hindi, We chose to create a fun illustrative cover accompanied by a lyrics booklet with artworks covering all the songs. This project was a quick one for us and immensely fun to …

designdimensionsTim Tim Taare by Bal bol

Chalk & Chuckles – Website Design

web design in Delhi

Chalk & Chuckles creates playful and creative board games for children, which focus on learning, skill development and more. For their website design, the brief was to create something which helps the consumers browse through their selection of games with ease, whilst being playful. After much brainstorming, we created a cheerful design with colour, fun animations and shapes that appeal …

designdimensionsChalk & Chuckles – Website Design

Fight Autism Now – Website Design

A Special Child Trust Initiative www.fightautismnow.in The website provides an information portal for parents & caregivers who cope with the challenges of raising an autistic child. This is a Special Child Trust Initiative. The trust raises awareness & funds for children with special needs.

designdimensionsFight Autism Now – Website Design