Chalk & Chuckles – Website Design

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Chalk & Chuckles creates playful and creative board games for children, which focus on learning, skill development and more. For their website design, the brief was to create something which helps the consumers browse through their selection of games with ease, whilst being playful. After much brainstorming, we created a cheerful design with colour, fun animations and shapes that appeal …

designdimensionsChalk & Chuckles – Website Design

Brochure & Website Design – Preston Cables

The concept behind the brochure was to intelligently showcase the wide range of cables and connectors manufactured by Preston cables. neatly categorised and not missing out on crucial details. The same was then adapted to the website. web:-

designdimensionsBrochure & Website Design – Preston Cables

Fight Autism Now – Website Design

A Special Child Trust Initiative The website provides an information portal for parents & caregivers who cope with the challenges of raising an autistic child. This is a Special Child Trust Initiative. The trust raises awareness & funds for children with special needs.

designdimensionsFight Autism Now – Website Design

Da-Saz & The Lina Project – Website

The website features the works of the artists involved with Da-Saz- a collective of numerous instrumentalists, singers and percussionists. Da-Saz is a collective formed in 1999 in New Delhi by Lionel Dentan and Suchet Malhotra. It aims to create a platform for new styles of urban and traditional music through live performances and recorded albums.

designdimensionsDa-Saz & The Lina Project – Website

Website – Chimera Resources

Chimera Resources is a specialised business advisory company that helps setting up businesses in the Indian sub-continent. It also deals with business enterprises in Africa, South East Asia, Australia & Europe.

designdimensionsWebsite – Chimera Resources

Vishwas NGO – Website Design Vishwas is an NGO dedicated to working in the field of disability & skills development for people with special needs.

designdimensionsVishwas NGO – Website Design

Bricks India, Stationary & Website Design

Bricks India – Real Estate Consultants Bricks India is a real estate advisory that caters to clients interested in property in the Indian subcontinent.

designdimensionsBricks India, Stationary & Website Design

Branding & Website – Parents Pride

Preschool based in USA Parents’ Pride is a pre-school based in the US. Their focus is on building intellectual curiosity, social skills & values of children. The idea behind their identity & website was to convey a fun, playful & protective setting for the pre-school while building on their personalities.

designdimensionsBranding & Website – Parents Pride