Fight Autism Now – Website Design

A Special Child Trust Initiative The website provides an information portal for parents & caregivers who cope with the challenges of raising an autistic child. This is a Special Child Trust Initiative. The trust raises awareness & funds for children with special needs.

designdimensionsFight Autism Now – Website Design

Da-Saz & The Lina Project – Website

The website features the works of the artists involved with Da-Saz- a collective of numerous instrumentalists, singers and percussionists. Da-Saz is a collective formed in 1999 in New Delhi by Lionel Dentan and Suchet Malhotra. It aims to create a platform for new styles of urban and traditional music through live performances and recorded albums.

designdimensionsDa-Saz & The Lina Project – Website

Ishatvam – Website Design

A trend setting lifestyle store with a range of stylish & exclusively designed products.

designdimensionsIshatvam – Website Design

Yoga Karam – Website

Profile website of a much sought after Yoga professional, teaching for the past 7 years. She also specializes in Reiki & Naturopathy.  

designdimensionsYoga Karam – Website

Website – Chimera Resources

Chimera Resources is a specialised business advisory company that helps setting up businesses in the Indian sub-continent. It also deals with business enterprises in Africa, South East Asia, Australia & Europe.

designdimensionsWebsite – Chimera Resources

Branding & Website – Parents Pride

Preschool based in USA Parents’ Pride is a pre-school based in the US. Their focus is on building intellectual curiosity, social skills & values of children. The idea behind their identity & website was to convey a fun, playful & protective setting for the pre-school while building on their personalities.

designdimensionsBranding & Website – Parents Pride