Lotus Wedding Invite

Lotus. Kamal. Jalaj. Pankaj. Nalin. Padam. Utpal. Saroj. Rajeev. Neeraj. Divinity, purity, beauty, victory, wealth, knowledge, fortune and enlightenment.One flower, infinite names, infinite connotations. As the Lotus carries piousness despite growing from the mud, it is said to represent a caring life-long spiritual promise, akin to the one the couple Ritika and Abhishek, are making to each other. Printed in …

designdimensionsLotus Wedding Invite

Peacock Invite

The royal blue colour reflects the regality of the occasion alternating gold and silver inserts create a striking visual balance; a unique colour palette lends itself to stunning card. The lotus and peacock motifs are exquisitely embossed in metallic gold and silver screen print adding a nuance to the design.

designdimensionsPeacock Invite