Cha Garam – Tea Packaging

Cha Garam is owned by the Vinayakpura Tea Company and is a tea taster’s delight. It was a pleasure to design these labels and we went all out. It is sold in three varieties. Pure Assam or English Breakfast, Assam with a whiff of gentle fruit and one for the local hard core consumers of Assam- who know their tea and want nothing but the purest. The colors and patterns have been chosen to allow Cha Garam to pop out amongst other brands. The colorful tin boxes with youthful and frivolous design has been carefully crafted for those who like several cups of the brew and drink it light. The packaging is cheerful and refreshing- much like the tea it contains.

Cha Garam - tea packaging-1

Cha Garam - tea packaging-2

Cha Garam - tea packaging-3

Cha Garam - tea packaging-4

Cha Garam - tea packaging-5


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designdimensionsCha Garam – Tea Packaging