KIM 15 A.D.


We have been associated with Kim 15 A.D. for a very long time. Starting with their branding, we created an authentic, bold and earthy looking logo, which could be instantly recognized & applied to all sorts of baked goodies! Since Kim 15 A.D. was started in 1966, we decided to give the logo a vintage look from the 1960s with a bit of grunge added to it. The outer shape of the logo is in the shape of a cookie, which is what Kim 15 A.D. is famous for. The font used is bold so that the logo can be easily located from a distance.
Old paper texture at the back and earthy colors like beige and brown were used to compliment the colors of the ingredients, their branding, and to be a subtle reinforcement of the natural approach they pursue in baking.



Driving through the barren sands of Rajasthan, the only burst of colour one can spot is the odhnis of women and the turbans of men.
Having been travelling to this side of the country for so many years for different projects, we have noticed that every 100 kilometers there is a distinct style of tying the turban.
From here came the inspiration to create a character that customers could relate to -an approachable, Jodhpuri personality who is proficient, experienced and trustworthy and his pop coloured turbans came from our journeys to Rajasthan.


Our goal was to appeal to the locals as well as national and international tourists. We also wanted the boxes to hold a keepsake value in each customer’s heart. The Kim 15 A.D. packaging emulates the spirit of Rajasthan, which is rich and vibrant.

Cookie Boxes

The new look for the cookie boxes has Kim Sa in a baker’s avatar. Each cookie box has been given a vibrant pop of color to highlight the flavours that compliment the cookies. We have used bright green for pistachio, purple for currant, yellow for salted etc.

Lots of sketches were made over coffee and delicious Kim 15 A.D. cookies. Finally we zeroed in on five different avatars for Kim Sa as a baker which are printed on the cookie boxes.


Steve Mccurry

We introduced a special tin box that draws inspiration from the world renowned photographer, Steve Mccurry’s “The Blue City” series. His breathtaking photos capture the spirit of Jodhpur in its true form and colour.

This assorted cookie tin was designed for the Kim 15 A.D. airport kiosk. Illustrated with street scenes of Jodhpur. This also serves as a keep-sake for tourists.

Assorted Cookie Boxes


Tin Boxes

These special cookie boxes are inspired by the cityscape and famous landmarks of Jodhpur, like the Mehrangarh Fort and the Clock tower.


Snack Box

The pattern on the snack boxes is designed keeping in mind the Kim 15 A.D. product line.


Pizza Box

Fresh out of Kim Sa’ s oven !


Paper Bags

The Kim 15 A.D. bag is inspired by the signature blue houses of Jodhpur.

Overall, the 15 AD experience has been enriching. Playing with a myriad of colours and challenging ourselves to create something of International standards that would stand out in a city like Jodhpur.

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