Misri – The Shop

Misri is a concept store with fine products from the artisans of Rajasthan and around. Just like its name, Misri is curated with sweetness and love. At Misri, we sell craft not just as curios but also as stories and ideologies.


After drafting multiple options, we opted for a simple mehraab form.

misri-the-shop-2 misri-the-shop-4

The hand-crafted store sign is inspired by the Thikri art at Sheesh Mahal in Udaipur.


We’ve taken a pastel palette from the Ganesh Dwar of Amer Fort, cream plike paper to give it the regal elegance.

misri-the-shop-6 misri-the-shop-7

103 gsm handmade paper in myriad pastel hues has been specially crafted in Sanganer for Misri’s stationery. 


 We are especially fond of the long narrow envelope.


We decided to go with a colourful palette as a sublime homage to the colourful land of Rajasthan.


Inspired by the Rajasthan kite festival, we created a brand pattern in brightly coloured kite papers, to use as wrapping paper.


Thank you card & Envelope


The screen-printing in a mix of matte and gloss inks that  translates beautifully into a simple yet elegant design.



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