Misri – The Shop



The entire look and feel of the 2-unit store was created in wood & glass and iron & brass.


The space design kick-started with a sketch of a typical Rajasthani man.


We chose these materials as they are solid and sturdy as well as lend an elegant charm to the space.


11 monolithic pillars of Jaisalmer stone stand as a pedestal installation and serve as showcase units.


A bunch of turnaround rings was created in a corner to lift the elevation and is extremely versatile to display objects like bags that need to be hung.


We expanded on the design by using their glorious handlebar moustaches as hangers to display chosen garments from the racks.


The shelves are linear and end in asymmetrical tops so as to create a sense of rhythm and break the monotony.

misri-the-shop-pack-8 misri-the-shop-pack9

Wall mounted jewellery boxes with twigs and branches from the gardens of Suryagarh to prop the stunning village silver ornaments and accessories.


All in all, no one word can describe the Misri experience. We are proud to have translated our creative vision from concept to an effortless retail space.


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