Who we are.


We are proud. We are humble.
We are big. We are honest.
We are believers. We are skeptics.
We are small. We are focused.
We are safe. We are brave.
We are good. We are great.
We are ready. We are fun.
We are together. We are a family. A legacy.

We are design explorers.

q1   A journey of 14 years has changed us a lot and yet changed us little. We
constantly strive to create well-crafted designs that combine functionality

with simplicity, innovation and aesthetic. Being explorers, we’re not afraid of

the unknown. In fact we make good of our open and honest attitude to

unearth new ideas.   q1

What we think.


We think that a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetic
illustrates good, nah, great design!

q1  Take a safety pin, for instance. A small bend in a wire can become indispensable to the entire world.
Things like this inspire us and sways us from traditional methods, towards uncharted creative avenues.  q1


What we follow.


We believe that creative ideas don’t just come out of thin air. Which is why
we follow a distinctive creative process. A process, that breaks project
development into phases, right from concept to creation.


q1  Working with our clients one-on-one, approaching each communication discipline 
with originality, and blending the functional with the fashionable allows us to create
the incredible from the impossible.  q1



We look, listen and learn We say Hello! We ask a lot of questions. We listen patiently. And then ask again. This stage is all about clarity. That’s why even before we start a project, we start a conversation and identify the need. Because without a purpose, any design erodes to nothing more than just decoration.


We get creative We huddle. We gather. We share. We brainstorm, argue, sketch, chug gallons of coffee, argue some more and then sit on the draft board. Once we’re convinced, we collate our thoughts and present them to our client. If all goes well we do a happy dance. Else we re- huddle, re-gather, re-share.


We develop and refine Detail! Detail! Detail! We play with ideas. Toy around with execution styles. Experiment with materials and methods. We bury ourselves, head-to-feet, into the project. Perfection doesn’t come easy and we’re not scared to challenge ourselves.(Need more info)no need.


We deliver the goods We don’t stop at just design. We take pride in our production. For us, it’s a form of art. A simple idea can look spectacular when done right. It boils down to blood, sweat and midnight oil.

05Develop Further

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Our team


We’re small. We’re sharp. We’re diverse. We pool in our individual
skills to function like a lean, mean, well-greased machine. And
that’s how we like it. Scroll down to know us better 🙂


q1  A celebrator, a fierce defender of design, she looks at ideas that are abstract, even
arcane, and interprets them in an immaculate and modern way. Known for her
obsession with perfection, nothing goes unnoticed under her reign. 5 minutes with
her and she’ll inspire you with her exhaustive assembled grab bag of curiosities, forgotten

art and snippets of newness.  q1

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