A-PAG: Air Pollution Action Group

The Air Pollution Action Group (A-PAG) is a foundation that aims to help reduce air pollution in India. Unlike a number of other civic organisations who work on environmental issues, their emphasis is entirely, as their name suggests, on air pollution.

With documentaries like India 2050 making us all very uncomfortable, we wanted to do something in this space to build awareness about major everyday issues that affect all of us. This is when A-PAG reached out to us. They gave us 3 reasons to take the project:

  • India ranks 174/178 countries on quality of air.
  • 14 out of the 20 most polluted cities in the world are in India.
  • Air Pollution kills more than 1 million Indians annually

After listening to these statistics, we didn’t need any convincing.


Branding is the first step towards creating an identity and it needed to stand out. We went with a clean and minimal yet bold brand identity. The Air Pollution Action Group wants to be known by its acronym A-PAG (pronounced as æ – păg). The hyphen has been added to make the viewer read A first and then PAG (like bag).


Yellow as the highlight colour is meant to grab a person’s attention. That is the primary objective of the organisation – to make people realise that air-pollution is an issue. Not tomorrow. Not today. But, now! The subliminal messaging that follows the colour yellow is that of hope and optimism. Hope is the secondary message for A-PAG – if we act now, we can still make amends to make our future less polluted.


The brand language for A-PAG is bold, vibrant and minimal. It flows across the business cards, letterheads and envelopes. The yellow band stands proud and makes the statement A-PAG intends to make. The flap of each envelope has the word ‘BREATHE’ written; to remind us all to step back, stop and breathe, once in a while.

Stationery Set for the Air Pollution Action Group

Business Card for the Air Pollution Action Group

Business Card for the Air Pollution Action Group

A4 Envelopefor the Air Pollution Action Group

Small Envelope for the Air Pollution Action Group


The bold colour palette used across the website reflects A-PAG’s serious approach towards their work. We chose an evocative image for the banner to make viewers sit up and take notice. The content is crisp and direct, to ensure that readers get the information they are looking for.


It is always interesting to work with agencies that have a strong brand message and helping them voice that through their identity. While working with A-PAG we discovered how bad things really are. Some of the statistics leave you shaken. They focus on increasing citizen awareness and engagement for greater political salience. They expect it to lead to a higher political will to act on air pollution.  If you would like to understand more about what they do – head over to their website and see what they have to say.

designdimensionsA-PAG: Air Pollution Action Group