Bangla 123

There is great satisfaction in working with friends to help them realise their dreams. Bangla 123 is one such project. Over a year ago the founders approached us with a very specific brief. They wanted a clean, no-fuss logo in Devanagari script. The beauty of the script and its inherent allusion to Indian heritage and culture is what captivated them.

Brand Identity

The use of Devanagari script is intentional to make people read the name as it is – Bangla 123 (pronounced Bangla Ek Do Teen). We created an English version of the logo as well so that it could be used on communication where the viewers may not be familiar with the Devanagari script. The paisley, while Persian in origin, is synonymous with Indian textile. We thought it befitting to add it to the logo and create something fluid within the B.


There is nothing more striking than the quintessential combination of black and white. The stationery embodies the minimalist thought behind the brand identity. We gave them 2 options of envelopes in white paper and kraft paper
for variety.


For a while now we have been making a slow yet steady shift towards sustainable packaging wherever possible; either by reducing the use of plastic (if possible), printing in smaller quantities or opting for reusable materials. For the bags at Bangla 123 we made multiple sizes in kraft paper and one size in cotton. Considering the vast array of products in various sizes, bag strength and size were important to consider. The cotton bags are used primarily for clothing items and are the perfect shopping companion afterwards. They can be folded into a size no bigger than a handkerchief, ensuring you have a bag handy, at all times.

The hang tags are simple and follow the stationery theme for consistency in brand representation.

We also made a stamp for them to use at exhibitions and pop-up events.


Bangla 123 is a concept store that was initially envisioned as an art gallery, and the vision soon grew to encompass fashion and lifestyle products from India and across the world. Go visit them once the lockdown is over! We’re sure you will return with some goodies, as the products in the store celebrate true craftsmanship in every form.

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