Kalamkari Art Inspired Invitation

This invitation is nspired by the Kalamkari art style and blended with vibrant colours to add to the festivities around weddings. It is our take on contemporary Indian art. Kalamkari artists use a bamboo or date palm stick pointed at one end with a bundle of fine hair attached to this pointed end to serve as the brush or pen. The process is very slow and every step in the process is painstakingly done to achieve perfection.


A rich cream paper was used with 103 gsm handmade gold paper for the lining which was specially crafted in Jaipur for this card. These envelopes were screen printed with utmost precision.


The Tree of Life is an integral part of Kalamkari art and signifies wisdom, growth and fertility. It is a befitting motif for weddings. The peacocks symbolize grace and dignity, effortlessly beautiful and captivating, in every nuance and move.


We are super-happy with the way the card turned out. We decided to go with a colourful palette as the groom wanted a vibrant card. The printing and gold foiling translates beautifully on this intricate and elegant design illustrated by us.


The inserts have been printed on 300 gsm cotton paper using special gloss inks. Each Insert of the invite is like a frame, with a vibrant border. The intricate motifs that together formed the jacket of the card are individually used to enhance the beauty of the inserts. We used an artistic hindi font to highlight the functions on each insert.


Each invitation has a meaning. A reason for its being. A beautiful note is written on Kalamkari art and the Tree of Life, its symbolism and the essence of it in the couple’s new beginning.


The entire gamut of the wedding paraphernalia consisted of an invite with four inserts and driver’s food coupons.



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