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Le Marche has been a well-known brand for keeping quality products and being one of the first gourmet retail stores in the Delhi NCR region. With the recent buyout of the brand by DS group in 2017 – it was time to change the look and feel; to revamp the logo and bring in fresh energy. A visit to the DS office one day, led to this project falling into our laps. Since we’re always on the lookout for new challenges, our entire team was very excited at the prospect of upgrading something which had already established itself in the food retail space.

The release of this project has been a long time coming and we can finally share our entire experience with you. The Le Marche Select store with the new logo was launched at Kilokri in Delhi on 10th October 2018.

Who is Le Marche?

Le Marche is a food expert that simplifies the serious business of food with products, anecdotes, suggestions, ideas and recipes.

Le Marche needed to be a place where new ideas are put together in a bid to enhance the shopping experience. The focus of a concept store is differentiation through display: mixing products that one might not see in the same department of a store and creating a story.




The logo has been created keeping the expanse of Le Marche’s product range in mind as well as the nature of business – allowing the customer to find everything under one roof. The graphical representation of products in the circle encapsulates the essence of the store. Circles, ovals and ellipses tend to project a positive emotional message and since food is an emotional sensation it was the obvious choice. The aim was to project a sense of community, friendship, love and unity. The font used is Helvetica Neue Light which was chosen for its legibility when static, in motion or read from afar.

Le Marche Logo


Finding the perfect tagline for a store such as this was a mind-boggling task because we needed to communicate everything in a few words. We wrestled with questions like:

What does the store sell?

What is the shopping experience like?

What is the quality of the products available?

What are the core values of the store?

Why should one step into the store?

Will it have everything I need for my home?

The answer to all of these questions was – The Good Food Story.

Food brings people together and as a store that sells not only food but all the related and non-related items for home and personal care we realised it is about creating a story that joins the dots. The word good was added to cover the quality assurance aspect of the store and the fact that they curate products based on consumer feedback and demand. Essentially letting consumers know that Le Marche will cater to all their needs under one roof.


Colour Palette:

The colour palette with orange, grey, green and black was decided upon based on the intended usage for each colour. The orange being unisex so that the store would not have psychological divisions of male/female if we were to use shades of blue and/or red. Also, orange as a colour is happy and positive which is the vibe inside each of their stores. The green was kept communicating freshness and the availability of fresh produce at the stores. The grey and black were used mainly for text in written communication.

Colour Palette



Stationery as a brand extension should not be overbearing and we’ve kept it minimal to include the main brand colour – orange and the new logo. A similar format has been used to create word and power point templates for internal and external communication.


Invite card




Once shopping is over and a customer has paid their bill, their engagement with the store is temporarily paused until the next visit. To keep a customer engaged we created some cash counter collateral like feedback forms, home delivery cards and flyers with grocery lists for customers to take back with them and remind them that Le Marche is the store where all their household procurement needs are fulfilled.


Stationery Design


Template Design


 Packaging has a huge impact on consumer buying behaviour and understanding that is the first step toward creating effective packaging for any brand. The In-house packaging for Le Marche needed to echo the brand values and incorporate the new identity in an engaging manner.

The circle from the logo has been used to create a see-through window to show the inside product. Since the products to be sold under the in-house brand were all under staples – we used the green and orange from our colour palette. Green for products like rice, flour, pulses and orange for spices and baking essentials. This way the colours ensure a recognizable differentiation in the buyer’s mind.


In-house packaging

shopping bags

Price tag




These days our inter-personal interactions are limited due to IVR recorded messages that give you step-by-step instructions and even the convenience of apps and websites where the human element is lost.

Uniforms therefore become an integral part of any service related industry, whether it is hospitality or retail. At a brick and mortar store each employee reflects the brand, it’s values and it’s ethos and in uniform they provide a sense of security – that there is someone around, to help.


Uniforms Design



Signage can be directional, informational or promotional. Smart visual cues to guide customers through a store strategically and provide them with the information they need, when they need it.

Façade signage:

The façade of each Le Marche store is as varied as it gets – with some being really long and narrow and others taking up a more square or rectangular expanse. Creating signage that would maintain brand recall with the change in logo was a challenging exercise. One that we are waiting to see the final execution of at the existing stores.


Galleria Market:

Galleria Market

Galleria Market hording design


Vasant Vihar:

 hording design

Galleria Market hording design


South Point Mall:

Market hording design

Le Marche hording design


Good Earth City Centre:

Good Earth City Centre:


In-store signage:

Keeping in mind the various ceiling levels across stores we created this double-sided signage at an angle so that visibility is not compromised at even the lowest ceiling height among their numerous outlets.

In-store signage Design


In-store signage


In-store communication:

The revamp of the logo was the first step in a brand overhaul – changing the tone of voice and imagery to communicate important information.

This meant creating communication that is informative and at the same time visually appealing. For example: the posters designed for the fresh fruits and vegetables section were planned under various categories based on nutrient value, health benefits, and also superfoods (taking a cue from current market trends). This would enable Le Marche to inform customers about the kind of products that they keep and give the customer an insight into what they are consuming.


In-store communication


In-store communication design

In-store communication

In-store communication design



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