If you have met Nupur Kanoi you will know what we’re talking about here. But, in the off chance that you haven’t – she is one of those effervescent people who has the ability to spread joy and laughter wherever she goes. As one of our favourite projects in 2018, Nupur’s branding is something close to our hearts. Nupur wanted a clean minimalist logo which would have her name and initials.

An immensely talented designer – a woman who personifies the spirit of individuality, stands for what she believes in and embraces who she is. Her ability to marry Indian ethnic with western chic is the cornerstone of her success. With celebrities donning her clothes both nationally and internationally, Nupur Kanoi is a sought-after name in the fashion industry and it has been a real pleasure to create her branding & identity.

We ❤️ her.

The Logo:

The Logo has been created to incorporate Nupur’s initials – with the N & K facing each other. This when turned sideways makes a unique symbol. If you look closely you will see the hanger. We’ve kept a clean colour palette of grey and white keeping in mind the minimal look desired.

Nupur Kanoi Logo

Business cards:

Minimal design = Maximum impact.
Single colour prints – white on grey and grey on white in UV gives the content on the cards a raised texture and adds a tactile experience.

Business Cards


Clean lines. No fuss. No nonsense.
Less is more. That is the core of the stationery set we have created. Bright white paper with the logo in grey and text to match in UV to maintain consistency with the business cards.

Stationery set

Hang Tags:

With gorgeous clothes to hang on – even these tags don’t want to let go.

Hang Tags on clothing

Wrapping paper:

Luxury is eventually in the details and every splurge deserves to feel like a present that just a guilty pleasure! Light, white translucent paper with the logo printed in a seamless pattern, envelopes the clothes to complete the packaging.

Wrapping Paper

Shopping Bags:

The clothes designed at Nupur Kanoi needed beautiful bags to go with them. The small bags were made in white with grey UV and the large bags in grey with white UV. The green lining inside both bags adds a pop of colour!

Shopping Bags A bag, is a bag, is a bag. Or is it?


The logo is versatile and lent itself well to metal. We’ve created hangers of the logo for Nupur’s store in Kolkata.

Store invite:

For the official launch of Nupur’s flagship store in Kolkata we created small cards as tags to go with potted plants that were sent as part of the invite. The flower used is from her latest collection Protea. Since it was not physically possible to send out plants to patrons across the country an e-invite was also made to be sent out over email and various messaging services.

Store Launch invites


If you let the lights guide you, guide you they shall. The store signage has the logo in acrylic with led lights on a grey metal sheet that carries forward the design language that we’ve created for the brand.

Outdoor signage Outdoor signage

Indoor signage

We can’t express our overall excitement at seeing Nupur Kanoi implement the branding we’ve created, so beautifully, across the store.

*we did a happy dance*

P.S: If you’re in Kolkata, the Nupur Kanoi store in Ballygunge Gardens should be on your must-not-miss list!


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