We love working with food products and new developments are always exciting for us. Popdrop is one such product! So, when our long-time client from Delishh dropped in one day we were more than happy to take on the project.

Brand Name & Logo

The brief was to create a strategic brand name that would help identify the product immediately. After a lot of market research, product segmentation and days of ideation we finalised POPDROP as the brand name.

The next step was creating the logo for popdrop. Considering the nature of the product it had to be colourful and fun and the final iteration is exactly how we visualised it. We’ve used a bold font with bright colours. Something that would stand proud under delishh!



We used a retro pop art style for the labels to emphasise on the vibrant and youthful nature of the products. We created characters for each of the labels based on retro characters from the 1970’s. Creating a distinct Indian-ness in each of the characters was the most challenging and fun part of the design process.

Labels popdrop

These fruity pearls have a thin, gel-like skin with juice inside that bursts on your tongue. It comes in 10 exciting flavours and is complementary to bubble tea and frozen yogurt.


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