The Connoisseurs – Rebranding & Packaging

‘The Connoisseurs’ is a brand that sells frozen fruits and snacks. The redesign of their packaging boxes was a thorough process where we experimented with three different approaches / styles before finally coming to a conclusion.
Dabbling from elegant and organic looking packs, ‘Fresh and Energetic’ was more in line with The Connoisseurs brand. The recall value of the brand was an important consideration too. The previous packaging was difficult to locate for the consumer, compared to the other brands in the market.

The Connoisseurs old packaging

We started with tweaking ‘The Connoisseurs’ logo and brainstorming over a catchy sub brand name to push the recall value of the brand.

After much thought ‘Delishh’ was born. A bold, legible and playful face, Delishh shouted out from the shelves!

Delishh new packaging-1Delishh new packaging-2

Since their frozen products taste great and are all about happiness, we wanted to show just that. A combination of bright and vibrant colours across different products were used as a base over prominent polka dotted and cross hatch patterns, which further shaped the modern and playful design.

Delishh new packaging-3

Food photography was an intensive process as well, with each picture carefully selected and positioned to make it look appetizing. Finally, a bold yet organic hand finished typeface was chosen as the main face for all the product names / variants, exhibiting a completely fresh &appealing design approach, different from most frozen food packaging available in the market. The design process for The Connoisseurs – Delishh, (Branding + Packaging) took us about 3 weeks to complete. The product is now on the shelves /refrigerators of leading stores like Nature’s Basket, 24/7, Le Marche etc in New Delhi and other states of India.

Delishh new packaging-4


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designdimensionsThe Connoisseurs – Rebranding & Packaging