The Temple card


This is one of our best invitations till date. We are extremely happy with the way the invitations turned out.
This card is inspired by the Sringeri Temple in Karnataka. Initially, the client came to us for our ‘Boat of Love’ card. But within two meeting the brief changed completely. Taking on from the Boat of Love card, we were told that
the groom and his family have deep faith in the Sringeri temple and the bride is an architect and she wanted some form, structure and geometric lines on her wedding card. So we suggested depicting the temple on the card, which would align both their belief and request.


Sringeri Sharada Peetam located on the banks of the river Tunga is the first Mattam established around 1200 years ago by Adi Shankaracharya, who was inspired by the sanctity and beauty of the place, to foster the tradition of
Sanatana Dharma. The main hall of the Vidyashankara temple (shown in the drawing) has 12 pillars, each of which is assigned to a zodiac sign. The architectural marvel of this place is that sunrays always fall on the presiding zodiac sign.
Sringeri is a divine place of harmony where nature and architecture come together to form the perfect union of knowledge and serenity.

temple-card-2We took a pastel palette and the cards were screen printed with utmost precision, the temple was embossed with UV printing on the water waves. The screen-printing in a mix of matte and gloss inks, translates beautifully, the intricate and elegant design. The entire gamut of the wedding paraphernalia consisted of an invite with two inserts, luggage tags, gift tags, stickers and an itinerary booklet.


Itinerary Booklets

The itinerary Booklet was handcrafted in various colours picked from the palette of the card with the wedding logo on top. 103 gsm handmade paper in myriad pastel hues and gold cigarette paper was specially crafted in
Jaipur. The string was dyed into the same colours from the card.


Luggage Tags

The luggage tags were made on acrylic with a silicon string. Each guests name was printed on one side of the tag and the other side had motifs from the logo


Other Collateral

The gift tag was di cut into the shape of the logo and tied with the same hand dyed string. The stickers were printed on acrylic, which were stuck on the wooden gift boxes.

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designdimensionsThe Temple card