Our work for this brand is inspired by the magic that happens when tradition meets modern design. We were briefed by the client on this new venture, where he would be curating different types of festive wear. His eye for detail inspired us to translate his vision into the branding and packaging design. Therefore, while brainstorming for the brand name we actually stuck to the basics – Zariboota. The name is simple, elegant and traditional, it originates from the Persian word “Zar” meaning gold and “Boota” meaning small motifs. The finesse and intricacies of the garment, made us realise that wearing them would be a celebration in itself. This inspired us to add a tagline – Zariboota : Celebration Wear.

The Zariboota logo is traditional yet elegant while still maintaining a clean logotype. Effective and artistic details such as paisleys and minimal usage of swirls add a feminine touch to the logo embracing the ethos of the brand.


Here is a swatch of concept sketches with various spellings and styles we tried for the logo.


The traditional motifs like the lotus, the marigold and the pomegranate have been woven into a pattern placing a heavy emphasis on the process and craft of embroidery. The texture and color of wine, rust, deep pink and green with gold conveys a sense of opulence giving the brand an overall look and feel of regality and luxury.


Hang tag designs.


While designing the packaging for the garments we decided to add an element of surprise for the customer. We gave potpourri pouches with hang tags to create a fragrant experience.


Neck tag & care tag designs.


Velvet ribbons with gold foil printing for festive packaging.



Metal stamp for official purposes.



Suitcase boxes and satin pouches.



Box designs for various garments.


Wrapping paper & sticker design.


Paper bags.


Fabric bags



Outer covering for garment hangers.


Motifs from the brand pattern have been incorporated in the packaging design for eg. bags, boxes and tags, creating a wholesome brand identity and a point of brand recollection.



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