Interior Styling & Space Design


Having spent the last 4 years styling interiors spaces using a mix of installations, products, art, graphic design & more, It was about getting out of our comfort zone and trying out something new. Now however, It has become a comfort zone for us and we love such projects! Having worked on the Samsara Campsite earlier, They came back to us to for a new value edition to their picturesque campsite – The Samsara Lounge

Samsara Lounge

So you’re far out into the wilderness, away from the hustle-bustle of the city life, you have a beautiful tent to stay in with all the modern amenities available to you, a part of your day is spent in sightseeing and various curated experiences. What do you do with the rest of the day? The campsite needed a warm home-like space where guests could lounge around, read, write, reflect or even play board games, All this while sipping on their favourite drink! The idea of the Samsara Lounge was borne from these personal experiences and inspired by the Bedouins.


We started out allocating 45 X 31 ft. of space for the lounge, just a few steps from the tents. The next step was to source furniture and products that would engage with the guests. Plush antique sofas’, Day beds and tables were our first buys.

This was a fun excursion for our team since Jodhpur is a hub for antique furniture. Everything was sourced within a 100km range of our campsite with the intent of giving back to the local artisans & craftsmen. With keen eyes, we set out to scout local markets and export showrooms.

Samsara Interior Design


Keeping in mind the harsh sunlight in these areas, we chose the neutral and calming White as our base colour for the lounge. The pure white canvas filtered the natural light perfectly. It also gave us the advantage of styling our interiors and upholstery in other bright and elegant colour shades that would complement the theme.

Interior Styling & Space Design


Samsara LoungeThis was perhaps the most challenging task for us – we had sourced all the furniture, mood lighting and other necessities, the tent had been pitched and staring at us like a blank canvas. The space needed styling and personal touches.

Keeping in mind traveler guest preferences. We bought an eclectic selection of Coffee Table Books, traditional Rajasthani Art & Craft pieces, Beautiful Hand embroidered carpets and more. There on / Thereafter, everyone on the team got together with their own set of suggestions and refrences as if it was their own bedouin lounge.


Needless to say, this was yet another creatively satisfying project for us, as well as our client who tells us how much people love hanging out in this space. 🙂

The plush indoor & outdoor space with antique  hanging lamps


The Day Bed and other Rajasthani artefacts

samsara artefacts

Intimate spaces for conversation, reading  or enjoying a drink


A prelude to the Lounge, our association with Samsara started with designing their campsite 2 years ago. The campsite encompasses 18 luxury tents draped with traditional indian motifs and vibrant colours, a special blue pottery themed dining tent, a mobile bar and an entertainment area.

overview of the different areas

An overview of the different areas of the campsite we worked on