Indian Excursions Co.-Branding

Madeleine contacted us for a rebranding exercise for their travel company – Indian Excursions Co. The meeting was intended to be a short one but went beyond a few hours as we discovered our mutual love for Rajasthan. Shiv and Madeleine founded Indian Excursions Co in 2009 and felt the need to rebrand. Their love of Rajasthan struck a chord with us and we knew at once that this was a rare opportunity to work with people who love Rajasthan as much as we do.

With a reputation for excellence and fine attention to detail, they’ll bend over backwards to ensure your tailor-made journey is nothing short of spectacular. Anything you would like to see or experience in Rajasthan, they can make it happen! All their tours are private, and tailor-made to the individual requirements of their guests.

Our work for Indian Excursions Co. began with their brief and as they are experts in tailor-made tours to Rajasthan, we wanted to incorporate elements that depict their love for travel.

We were asked to design a logo that is neat, clean, detailed, has a clear sense of Indian-ness and uses colours that best define their field of work. In our initial scribbles we used Indian elements like paisley shapes, silhouettes of monuments, turbans, mustaches and Mughal arches.


To arrive at the final logo we worked on several ideas using the keywords: luxury, culture, tradition, excellence, handpicked, crafted and perfection.

Mascots: The camel and the elephant as their mascots were chosen to depict the mode of travel used for centuries across India. Considering they are a travel company we felt it would be fitting.

We worked on a bright colour palette, which has a warm and engaging yellow with accents of Magenta on brown craft paper to communicate the richness and vibrancy of the locations Indian Excursions Co. specializes in as well as the overall rustic appeal that Rajasthan has.


Stationery: The archaic frame, depicted across the stationery, inspired by the distinct Mughal arches, reflects the handcrafted element of the tours designed by Indian Excursions Co.




Bags: From a silhouette of the Taj Mahal and a distinct Mughal arch to a camel and an elephant, the house symbols are designed to reflect the Indian heritage at its best. We made a canvas bag with an inside pocket as they provide mobile phones to each traveler for convenience during their journey in India.




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